At Your Service

As a business owner, you must love what you do.

You enjoy providing solutions to your clients and customers with excellent products and services that make a difference for them. If you’re like most business owners, what you dislike is the accounting and bookkeeping. Understanding debits and credits and figuring out accrued liability is a nightmare. The financial terms can be confusing, you can feel overwhelmed, and it is not the best use of your time.

By teaming up with Solid Rock Accounting Services, you’ll have a professional who thrives on numbers and has the tools, resources, and expertise to help you manage the financial aspects of your business.

Solid Rock creates a business support package that suits your needs; from simply training you to use the latest software, to completely managing your daily ledger. We also support your company with reconciling your accounts and preparing reports for your tax preparer to ensure they have everything they need to file your taxes.

Payroll is one of those critical, yet pesky tasks that Solid Rock can easily manage for you. We’ll get the checks out on time and be sure to make the correct deductions and file the quarterly reports. Your employees will be happy and so will Uncle Sam.

We are your business partner. We want to understand your business and help you design systems that that allow you make timely financial decisions to grow and expand your business.

Solid Rock Accounting Services lets you focus on what you do best. We’ll take care of the financials; you take care of your business.  Call us at: 252-772-5825.

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