Why Choose Solid Rock Accounting

Take our customers word for it

I came to Solid Rock Accounting Services because I needed financial accountability and I heard about the personal service and detail you gave your clients. After working with you, I have a clearer picture of my financials. The quality of the work is excellent. You bring such detail and personal commitment to me as a client. You worked diligently to understand my particular business so I could get the most out of your services. You are able to listen and understand before you come up with the solution. The biggest aha was the turnaround in services, and the speed at which the deliverables were done.

– Tharesa Lee | Neuse River Community Development Corporation

I am NOT a bookkeeper and realized that my business finances would never get in order without the help of a professional. When I realized that there was someone trustworthy and knowledgeable who could take over this responsibility for me, I was greatly relieved. Solid Rock Accounting Services is prompt, professional, and polite. Always. I always tell my clients that not everyone can do everything or be good at it all, so outsource what you need. This is what I needed and I am so grateful to Solid Rock for their work and their support and encouragement.

– Tanya P. Roberts | Structured Chaos, LLC

Kelly helped us get our personal and business finances in order by working with us to set up our accounts in Quicken. We have a small business and don’t need a book keeping service at this time. I love the fact that she was willing to work with us by teaching us what we needed to know. She has an easy going manner and a great sense of humor which made this process painless and enjoyable.

– Kathleen Girelli | The Rustic Cottage, Pollicksville

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Simplifying Your Bookkeeping

Managing your own bookkeeping can be completely overwhelming. Time consuming. Mentally draining. And downright confusing. These are comments we hear time and time again from new clients at Solid Rock Accounting Services. In fact, it’s this sense of overwhelm that led our founder Kelly Michaud to establish Solid Rock in the first place.

Kelly’s passion for working with small businesses stemmed from owning one herself. In 1999, Kelly and her husband opened a Christian bookstore in southeastern Massachusetts. Like most new business owners, she had stars in her eyes about how fulfilling and enjoyable being her own boss would be, and she was excited at the challenges that lay in front of her.

With 18 years’ experience in corporate America under her belt, Kelly thought managing the accounting for her bookstore would be a walk in the park. After all, she’d handled countless budgetary and financial projects in her positions at Bentley College, a major healthcare system, and a law office. If she could handle financial responsibilities for big corporations, surely she could manage the books for her store. Accounting, bookkeeping and administration were her bread and butter, after all.

But after a few months in the trenches of owning her bookstore, Kelly learned just how many directions business owners are pulled in. Even though she had the skill set to manage her books perfectly, Kelly still found herself playing catch-up and never being able to clear the countless piles that always formed. She didn’t have the freedom she dreamed of and felt like a slave to her business. She felt the frustration of knowing that no matter how hard you work, sometimes there just aren’t enough hours in the day to get everything done. And when Kelly couldn’t shut off at the end of the day to enjoy time with her husband and family, she knew something had to change.

So Kelly did what she does so well — she created a solution. Kelly’s always had a heart for people and she wanted to put her skill set to work for those who needed her. Solid Rock Accounting Services was founded in 2011 and she has been delivering peace of mind and freedom to small business owners ever since.